Dr. Dobson's Endosement

Dr. James Dobson has endorsed our Christmas Outreach project - a partnershp with Christ for All Peoples and Bless Every Home. Come to our next gathering at 10 am on Thursday, Nov 2nd at Church at the Cross- 700 Good Homes Rd, Orlando, FL 32818. Reserve your free copies of the Jesus Film in 24 languages on DVD by completing the form below. 

Please Give

Help support this effort to get the gospel into every home in Central Florida. Donations to Christ for All Peoples for Jesus Film DVD distribution is greatly appreciated. The cost for each DVD is only .20 including shipping. So, please consider donating $20.00 for each box of 100 DVD's distributed. Thank You!

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Bless Every Home

bless every home

Join an ever-growing community of Christ followers who are devoted to being a light in their neighborhoods by praying for the families nearest them to know Jesus and living out a Pray, Care, Share missional lifestyle. Learn More...